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How Israel Survived the Mediterranean’s Worst Drought in 900 Years

Israeli water experts say that a combination of water from rainfall, recycling of wastewater, desalination of seawater and a large-scare water conservation campaign has made Israel nearly drought-proof. That assessment might be more regionally relevant following a new National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) study showing that a drought from 1998-2012 in the eastern Mediterranean was the area’s worst drought in 900 years.

Israel Wages Lesser-Known Fight to Save Kenyan Wildlife

At the moment that you’re reading this article, someone on the African continent is selling ivory or rhinoceros horns and making a fortune. Ivory, which comes from elephant tusks, is worth about $900 per pound on the black market. A typical elephant carries about 22 pounds of ivory, which comes out to nearly $20,000 for shooting one elephant. Rhinoceros horns are worth as much as $30,000 per pound. But Israeli government organizations and private companies are helping Kenya with wildlife preservation in more ways than one.